The Association has been founded by three partners expert in complementary fields: law, economics architecture and urban science.

Who we are

The complete and organic concept of these bailiwicks gives the name to our Team, World- Law, Economics and Architecture, and their analysis is the background to the Association and its core objective. We deal with market and business supporting cultural and research activities which are supervised by a Scientific Advisory Board.

This one is presided by Professor Claudio Varrone, formerly Deputy President at Italian Council of State and made up of ten eminent members coming from the top of Italian Universities, production , business, banking and finance sectors, Public administration and from the Association itself which is structured in Departments organized according to their subject and purpose.

Luigi Giuseppe Esposito, aged 48, is a brilliant economist, expert in SMEs management on Italian, European and Chinese markets and works as advisor for businesses in different sectors ranging from production activity, Public Administration, Public Health and Welfare to Culture and Made in Italy. Furthermore, he is advisor to Judicial Authorities in real estate and bankruptcy procedures, formerly member of Board of Directors of Public Authorities being expert on organization and corporate restructuring.

Francesco Maria Esposito, aged 51, is an illustrious Italian architect; he is Professor at Jean Monnet University in Bari and teaches Urban Development Planning. He fosters studies and programmes related to requalification of urban areas and public goods, restoration of historical interest properties projects and public and private urban and building plans, having a long standing experience as Private Manager. He has recently written the book “Edificabilità bene comune” , published by Cacucci Editore, Roma – Bari enriched with the preface written by President On. Gianni Pittella.

Gianluca Maria Esposito, aged 43, is an eminent Lawyer and Professor: he teaches Administrative Law at the University in Salerno and Environment Law at Tor Vergata University in Rome. In the last ten years he has gained experience in Public Administration: from 2004 he is council member at Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as member of the Structure of Mission for Major Public Works; from 2007 he is counselor at italian Presidence of Council of Ministers in matters of reforms and deregulation; from 2008 he is counselor at Ministry of Environment with regard to programming and evaluation of investments; in 2009 President of Council of Ministers appointed him as General Manager at Ministry of Economic Development where he handled European Programming, Technology Innovation and Credit for SMEs matters; in 2011 he was appointed as General Manager for the second time to implement the Small Business act in Italy. In 2013, on a proposal of Council of Ministers, the President of the Italian Republic appointed him Chief of the Department of Competitive Policies at Ministry of Agricolture and food, and then confirmed with D.P.R. in September 2013 until last May.

On June 2014, the Esposito brothers launched Association World- LEA in order to further cultural, study and research activities and to supply professional assistance.

W-LEA’s organization draws inspiration from the Networks of Businesses: so, we are open to national and international partners and foster solidarity and collaboration among researchers, managers and professionals.

We aim at creating synergies in Italy and all over Europe through partnerships whose object is the scientific knowledge and research in the sectors related to business development.

This intention paves the way for an alliance among entrepreneurs and professionals in the perspective of the “social value” of the economic initiative thought as a “welfare, growing and development lever” guaranteed by art. 41 of Italian constitution and by SBA at European level.

In order to achieve its goals W-LEA avails itself of the Scientific Committee which coordinates and encourages research activities.

As to professional assistance, the Association has recourse to Departments specialized in particular areas of work.

They allow the Association to give legal and economic assistance to Public administration, Universities and research centres, parks and public institutions for protected areas, private and public companies. Our advisory services focus mainly on: Administrative law Businesses, Public credit and microcredit, Technological innovation, Research, Urbanistic planning and development. Since our legal aid shows its strength in the field of public procurement contracts, environment and renewable energies, W-LEA:

  • Supports cultural interchanges all over the world and programmes aiming at spreading scientific knowledge, research and culture in the fields of business, finance, job market, made in Italy, environment safeguard;
  • Backs the diffusion of legal and economic tools for companies and SMEs to prevent and manage business crisis
  • Helps Public Administration and private operators in finding and obtaining public funds
  • Provides technical, legal and economic aid to Public administration to accomplish assessments, projects and development plans related to subjects of major interest for the Association
  • Meets and promotes entrepreneurial ideas of young people and students
  • Supplies businesses with legal aid in bankruptcy matters

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